How often do you have patients that you need to tread softly with in order to release their pain?
Conjugate Gaze Adjustive Technique is one of the most gentle yet effect relief techniques, which makes it ideal for:
 Patients in acute pain
 Chronic Stress Patients
 Fibro Patients
 MVA Patients
 Migraine and Headache Patients
Somatic Functional Disturbance Patients
 Plus many more applications!

Dr. Vincent Perri is one of the foremost respected doctors in the use of light touch, non-force release of pain.
His decades of study on how eye movement coupled with subtle body movements can reprogram pain, trigger points, etc. makes his Conjugate Gaze an approach that you won’t want to miss.
Dr. Perri uses the term “adjustive” in reference to how his Conjugate Gaze is able to adjust downward the patient’s pain and not referring to manipulation of bones or joints.

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...A few years ago, I came across Dr. Perri’s amazing work. I found his work so intelligent, soft, easy, but complex too and above all, neurophysiologically sound. Finally, it also proved to be efficient beyond almost everything I know of. To me, Dr. Perri’s researches represent a new step in Major DeJarnette and chiropractic understanding. Thanks a lot to him.–Dr. O Nappee, D.C.

Seldom does one find a technique so gentle yet so effective. That's how I describe the previously unknown breakthrough Congugate Gaze Adjustive Technique. To think Dr. Perri evolved Congugate Gaze over 20 years ago and has had a half dozen articles published on it and yet it's virtually unknown is a shame. Once you find how simple and easy it is to blend with whatever you do, you too will be in awe....as will your patients.–John Iams, M.A., P.T., thePRRT.com


Conjugate Gaze Therapy is gentle and painless. Within 4 sessions I am treated and pain free. I am always so amazed that such a gentle technique eliminates my pain and I am able to return to daily activities in a short amount of time.–Judith A. Sidella, Connecticut


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2 Conjugate Gaze Adjustive Technique DVDs

2 DVDs

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100+ Pages on the theory and practice behind this revolutionary technique

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The Conjugate Gaze Adjustive Technique is a technique that can be used by any practitioner who uses manipulative, massage, polarity, or other integrative therapeutics. The reflex-mediated pathways are universal in their application, and are independent of the philosophy or school of thought a practitioner follows. The “adjustive” component of the technique is a specific reference to my own professional orientation as a chiropractor, but the application of the technique is a dynamic process that harnesses the recuperative processes of the central and peripheral nervous systems. These reflex-mediated pathways are the domain of any manual body practitioner who is working within the scope of their license.